Who Are We?

Andrew Whitty - Marketing For Foodies

The business was set up by - you guessed it - Andrew Whitty.

Andrew was born & raised in Swansea but left in 2006 for London. Over the space of a decade, he built a successful communications career within the luxury fashion sector. Working with notable names such as Harrods, Versace & Roland Mouret, his roles have encompassed everything from styling & journalism to PR & marketing. Andrew now has his feet firmly back on Welsh soil & whereas his passion was once fashion, he's traded it in for another of his favourite F words - food.

'Food has always been a massive obsession of mine. Not just the taste of it, but the entire ritual. I love walking through the door of a restaurant - whether a chain or small independent - & being completely enveloped in the world the owner has created. Marketing provides potential customers with a small window into this world, it's my job to get them through the door.'


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