The Food For Thought Initative

'The most powerful social media; it is not the internet, it is not Facebook - it is food. This connects all human beings' - Alex Atala

Many of us are able to enjoy food & drink as luxuries & not the necessities they are. Many of us are able to sit & eat at a table, and not on the floor. Many of us are able to use cutlery, and not our hands. 

We set up the Food For Thought initiative as a way to balance things out a bit & play our part in making food more fair.

Through the scheme, Andrew Whitty lends its support to registered charities that aim to feed the most vulnerable, ensure trade is fair, and reduce the amount of waste produce & packaging.

We do this by donating much needed funds, by volunteering our time, and by waiving our usual fees to provide marketing advice that gets the message out there.

You can read more about our charity partners below.

If you know of an organisation that could use some help, please let us know via the contact form

Matt's Cafe, Swansea

Matt's Cafe's mission is to intercept food waste destined for land fill & use it to feed people who need it, on a pay as you feel basis. It is the first registered café on the TRJF network in Swansea. 

Matt's Cafe is open;

Sundays (6:30pm - 9:00pm)

Mondays/Tuesdays (10:00am - 3:00pm)